3 weeks out from IM Arizona

Training is going well!

I don’t think I’ve ever ran so much and so fast all in one week. My schedule now has a 25k+ run on Wednesdays and a 30k+ on Sundays. The distance isn’t a problem, its trying to hold targeted paces during the run that’s hard.

Last Sunday’s run was

7.5k at 4:20/km

7.5k at 4:15/km

7.5k at 4:10/km

7.5k at 4:05/km for a total of 30k

I ran the last 7.5k at 3:55/km average which is pretty sweet because I haven’t felt so good running my long runs in a really long time! Also, my power on the bike has been slowly creeping up too. It’s not overly impressive but I can hold 10watts higher than before, so I think that’s a good improvement for a few months of training.

In other news! I got to MC my friends wedding! Going from race announcing to MC’ing fancy grown-up things was a bit nerve wracking, but Ive been told I did a good job. haha! The bride’s brother did let me know that he enjoyed being introduced to the crowd as if he was finishing a race, with all the hoopla and all.

tina's wedding!

Congrats Tina and Rob!


The other side of racing

I’ve taken on a new thing! Race Announcing! 

I’ve been announcing for my friend’s events in PoCo for a few years now (www.trioevents.com) and this year, a Running Room guy encouraged me to announce at other events. I’ve been signed on to the remaining MEC Race Series events around the Vancouver area!

I had my first non-PoCo race announcing experience last Sunday and it was fantastic. They were happy with my performance and asked me to come out the all their events for the rest of the year! (Mountain Equipment Co-op Race Series)

I’m no Steve King or Phil Ligget though, and as long as I’m slaughtering people’s last names, I probably wont ever be in their ranks…

Big Update and a informal commitment

Looking back at this blog, its’ really been just a binge of posts and random comments of ‘I should blog more’. So again, this is another binge, but instead of just saying I should blog more, I’m going to try to use this blog as a way to keep myself accountable to training and as a log to look back on my upward progress. The binges in the past have reminded me of the cool stuff that I’ve done, but definitely not the work that went into it. So, much like Facebook, my blog is totally misrepresenting the journey that it takes to get the goals I’ve accomplished.

Since the last posting I’ve had a few adventures!

In May I headed over to Europe to visit my former research supervisor/professor in the Netherlands and while I was there I ran the Prague Marathon! The trip was pretty fun, got to see and more importantly eat a lot of things. Stayed just outside of Amsterdam for 2 days, made a quick trip out to Brussels before flying to Prague. While in Prague, I stayed just a few blocks away from the HUGE castle complex. Pretty safe area to stay in considering I was 8 doors up the street from the American embassy. Every car was stopped and checked for bombs before driving past the embassy.

Marathon went relatively well – I dropped a gel early in the race, so in the last 8k, I blew up. Still ended up with a 2:56, so I’m pretty confident that I can actually go 2:50 if I manage to stop dropping gels.

466547_10151599628396797_761156095_o 922936_10151609745766797_745265707_n 480910_10151609747191797_1026084086_n 922864_10151609746956797_1398907048_n 943687_10151609746836797_1950623433_n 971441_10151609746741797_385331272_n 969985_10151609746491797_1402717857_n 935271_10151609746381797_1236998855_n 400764_10151609746016797_1608735437_n

Just a few pictures from the trip. My brother was in transit from South Africa back to North America that week, so he made a quick stop in Prague to hang out for a few days before making the trans-atlantic trip back to Vancouver.

This summer was pretty fun! Super busy with coaching summer swimming, racing, and finding time to work full time. Even got to meet Steve King!!

1167936_10151809088061382_1144690996_n 1236011_10151820532671797_764461289_n 1012230_10151760249292902_238765487_n


Coaching triathlon was also super fantastic this summer. My athletes accomplished some big things, and I was able to get out and run some open water swim practices. (http://sportmethodconsulting.com/coaching-services/triathlon-coaching/)



Finished up the summer with a surfing trip in Oregon. Got to spend a few days in the surf and camp. Totally reset the internal body clock, came home well rested and ready to take on the next season.


I’m currently in the build up to Ironman Arizona. Juggling full-time work with any semblance of a training schedule is difficult, but I’m hopeful that everything will work itself out. I have to keep everything in perspective though, as life isn’t all about work or training. It’s about enjoying the process and journey. It’s also about enjoying the anticipation that comes before a giant turkey dinner for Thanksgiving. Yes, thanksgiving is coming, and I’m excited.

Ooops! Should have posted a little while ago

The First Half Marathon was a pretty good event considering:

1) I had only been running for 4 weeks after getting back from Africa
2) I haven’t raced in a while

1:20 and change was the final result with my legs imploding at the 19k mark. Both legs started to twitch and cramp and I was forced to slow everything down after that point. No big deal though, as I was really looking forward to just being back racing in Vancouver!

Got to see a load of people I haven’t talked to in a while, and enjoy a fantastic day. and yup, the soup at the end is my favourite!

Shout out to my friend’s dad, Rick for completing his first half marathon!

Training is now ramping up and I’m feeling the effects (constant tiredness and hunger). To top it all off, I got a new bike! Finally, after all these years, I’ve committed to triathlon frame. Pictures to come!

One week away!

Its been 4 solid weeks of training, and I’m gearing up for the Frist Half on the 10th. Pretty much felt like I was starting from scratch as I didn’d exactly train much in Africa.

Not sure what I can pull off, but I’m hoping for a sub 1:20, hopefully closer to a 1:15 than anything else. I ran a 1:15 in early October before heading off to Miami. I think I’m going to need to run a 1:12 by the end of summer to have any hope of running a 3:10 in the Ironman run in Arizona. We’ll see in a week where I am.

Also found a bunch of pictures from Miami. I was racing Ironman 70.3 Miami…Pretty windy racing experience! I was blown all over the roads. No pictures from the race itself though.

South Africa! and beyond!

Turns out I have some time in front of my computer!

Yah, visited my brother in South Africa! Traveled the coast with a group of super cool canadians.

Very good times indeed!

Ooops, I fell off the face of the planet!

I haven’t posted for a really long time, but that’s only because I haven’t been up to much in the past few months. Hopefully in one post I can get all caught up and pick up where we left off as if nothing was missed.

October? Yah I went to Miami to race in the Ironman 70.3. With the new full time job, I wanted to see if training and working could co-exist. Suffice to say, it can! I’ve never been happier! The race went well!

At the end of 2012 I made a snap judgement of my life and decided that life is too short to sit here in one place for the rest of my life. So I went to the other side of the planet to make new friends.

I went to Morocco and floated around the country without a plan. I would never know where I’d be going, let alone if I’d even find a place to sleep that night. Everything worked out ok though and I had a blast. Met a ton of great people and saw a bunch of cool stuff.

Casablanca – Fez – Meknez – Moulay Idriss – Rabat – Marakesh – Agadir – Taghazout, and some random stops along the way.

Then I went to South Africa to visit my brother. That was an awesome adventure as well! I’ll post more pictures later.

Well, enough about last year. It’s the new year! Training has started up again, as I’ve been looking for something to aim some of my energy. Let’s make it official, I’m back in the hunt for Ironman glory. In November, I’ll be heading down to Arizona to see what I can do. Dreams of swimming :55, biking 5:10, and running 3:10 are floating around in my head. It’ll be an interesting year. So many years away from the sport have given me some perspective about work-life balance.

If you’re reading this (and I know you) and I haven’t seen you for a while, I really hope to cross paths with you soon. On my trip, I was thinking about all the awesome people that I met around the world, but they pale in comparison to all the great people that I know right here at home. Happy New Year! All the best to you!


May Long Weekend

Your very professional coaches

This long weekend as Masters Swimming Championships. Like every big meet we go to, it’s always a blast. The team performed extrodinarily well, with 3 wins, meaning 3 new national champions in our midst.

My results were what I expected. The road to training has just started and what I’m seeing is positive.

We also had a fun group of supporters come with us to enjoy the weekend! Thanks to Richelle, Michelle, Emma, and Tessa for the good times. Team Aquatic and the legendary Rod Craig joined us for dinner at Memphis Blues, which is always a ‘eat fest’.

Hyde Creek Masters 2012

The speed at which things move…

Unreal. The amount of change in the last month.

Who’s ready for a paddlin’?!

May 13, 2012: 6am paddle. The water was glass.

A overwhelming sense of calm in an otherwise horrendously chaotic month.

Some things don’t change though, like the beauty of paddling. Summer’s getting close and I’m getting out on the water!

It’s what I look at for 40 hours now…

The switch from Aquatics to Community Recreation is a werid one. Much more liberal and unregulated than the aquatic world, but has so many more avenues to pursue. The job is amazing in both the amount of stuff I’m responsible for as well as the potential for growth.

I got a full time job! Huge transition from living less than 5 minutes from work.

Aside from all this, I also have a new coach, Jerry Ziak. I’m excited about what I can do in the next few years.