3 weeks out from IM Arizona

Training is going well!

I don’t think I’ve ever ran so much and so fast all in one week. My schedule now has a 25k+ run on Wednesdays and a 30k+ on Sundays. The distance isn’t a problem, its trying to hold targeted paces during the run that’s hard.

Last Sunday’s run was

7.5k at 4:20/km

7.5k at 4:15/km

7.5k at 4:10/km

7.5k at 4:05/km for a total of 30k

I ran the last 7.5k at 3:55/km average which is pretty sweet because I haven’t felt so good running my long runs in a really long time! Also, my power on the bike has been slowly creeping up too. It’s not overly impressive but I can hold 10watts higher than before, so I think that’s a good improvement for a few months of training.

In other news! I got to MC my friends wedding! Going from race announcing to MC’ing fancy grown-up things was a bit nerve wracking, but Ive been told I did a good job. haha! The bride’s brother did let me know that he enjoyed being introduced to the crowd as if he was finishing a race, with all the hoopla and all.

tina's wedding!

Congrats Tina and Rob!


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